New updates and improvements to Regensturm

  1. Hey everyone,

    we've got a couple messages regarding Motion being available on unauthorized third-party websites and wanted to quickly address it.

    We are in no way, shape or form affiliated with any website that illegally distributes Motion or Animate.

    We would also like to clarify that support & updates to users without a paid license will be denied and we outright refuse to take any liability from anything that results from using a pirated, possibly modified (!), copy of Motion or Animate.

    I understand that some people use pirated copies as a way of getting a "trial", but support is an equal, two-way conversation. We support you, you support us.

    We can't afford investing our already limited time and energy for this.

    If you're interested in Motion or Animate, but you're not sure if it fits your use case, please feel free to send a message to me in Discord or shoot an e-mail to

    Alternatively, feel free to download our playable demo!




  2. Hey everyone, Neo here.

    Back with the news. Big time news.

    — Discord Upgrades —

    We've re-introduced Ticket Tool back to the server and cleaned up some of the channels. If you have any support question, please create a ticket in the support discord channel.

    Motion & Metahumans

    We are aware of an issue with Metahuman meshes preventing the animation warping nodes to work properly in some cases. A bug report has been sent to Epic Games but we're also actively working on a solution and will post another update when we've updated the documentation on how to integrate Metahumans with Motion with a solution to this problem.

    Motion 1.4

    Motion 1.4 has now entered development and will feature the following updates:

    Complete overhaul of the movement sound component

    We will replace the most of the existing logic for sounds, especially footsteps, in favor of an animation-notification-based system for more accurate footsteps, especially when animations blend together.

    This also adds footsteps to animations like turn-in-place which have not been considered before.

    Introduction of Metasounds

    We will also introduce Metasounds to Motion. The movement sound table will be re-purposed to include a list of _Metasound sources_ which then contain the logic for random sound selection, pitch modulation etc.

    Each combination of sound type (e.g. 'StepLeft', 'CrouchRight' etc.) and surface (e.g. 'Concrete', 'Gravel' etc.) can be assigned its own Metasound source.

    This allows for deeper customization using the new Metasound system on a completely new level!

    Introduction of Enhanced Input

    Also on the list of new shiny things: Enhanced Input. The Enhanced Input Plugin gives developers an easy upgrade path and backward compatibility with the engine's default input system. This plugin implements features like radial dead zones, chorded actions, contextual input and prioritization, and the ability to extend your own filtering and processing of raw input data in an Asset-based environment.

    This deprecates existing input events like 'OnSprintKeyPressed' in favor of direct implementations in the relevant components, resulting in less code and more flexibility. The documentation will updated to reflect this change and notify users of the upcoming depreciation.

    — Experimental Multiplayer Support for Motion —

    In Motion 1.5 we will add experimental multiplayer support for Motion. This will be available in a seperate version of Motion which will be made available to Verified Motion Developers via Discord. More details will be shared closer to the release of 1.5.

    If you have not verified your purchase of Motion yet and would like access to the role, please visit the 'verify-here' channel in our Discord server.

    — Animate for Unreal 4 —

    As some of you have noticed, Animate is currently only available for Unreal Engine 5.

    We were trying to plan ahead for the unavoidable deprecation of Unreal 4 in the marketplace, which only allows Code Plugins to be released for the last 3 major versions of Unreal Engine, but also understand that some users are still working with Unreal 4.27.

    If you're interested in a 4.27 version of Animate, please upvote and leave your feedback here

    — Animate 1.1 —

    The first major update for Animate will include spline support for Animate. Details haven't been worked out yet, but the general idea is that you can place splines in the editor, save them as asset and use them for spline-based animations, e.g. to move a companion along a path. In combination with curves you could enhance that spline-based movement to add some variation to the movement of the companion on the spline!

    We're looking forward to see what y'all can create with it!

    Big chonker today. Lots of news, even more work ahead! Looking forward to all of it though, as what we strive for is nothing less than creating the best possible tools for your projects!

    Hope y'all have a nice weekend!




  3. Animate


    Animate is now live on the Unreal Engine Marketplace!

    We have also released a Day 1 patch for Animate. It is already included with the version of Animate that went live.


    • Updated outdated node comments.
    • Updated example blueprints to be easier to read and duplicate.
    • Changed the object type of the default interpreters from "Static Mesh Component" to "Mesh Component".


    • Removed "FStructAnimateCurve" in favor of just using "FStructAnimateValueSource" directly instead.
    • Added "BP_AnimateActorBase_SingleSource" class as simple boilerplate class that can be used to quickly create Animate Actors with a single value source (e.g. brightness, one-axis animations).
    • Added "BP_AnimateActorBase_RotLoc" class as simple boilerplate class that can be used to quickly create Animate Actors with a rotation and location value source.


  4. Motion


    Motion has been released and is now available to download via the Epic Games Launcher.


    • Fixed sprinting sounds not playing after the latest update.
    • Adjusted default global player minimum speed for sneaking to be more visible.
    • Adjusted "Use Speed for Sound Volume" to be false by default to have expected behaviour to be the default behaviour.


  5. Motion


    Motion has been released and is now available to download via the Epic Games Launcher.


    • Adjusted speed threshold detection logic to consider float inaccuracies.
    • Adjusted input logic in sprinting component to represent states more accurately.
  6. Motion


    Motion has been released and is now available to download via the Epic Games Launcher.


    • Added TargetCrouchCameraOffset to the Crouching Component. It defines the location offset added when the player is crouching.


    • Adjusted footstep timings to match new animations better.


  7. Motion

    New Feature

    We're happy to announce that Motion 1.3 has been released for Unreal Engine 5!

    It provides new animation features including Turn-in-place, Foot IK, Distance Matching, Orientation Warping, Stride Warping and more!


    Motion: Update default character with UE5 mannequin.

    New mesh & animations.




    • Added UE5 mannequin (Manny & Quinn) & animations!
    • Added debug camera that can be enabled through the Motion character blueprint. It allows you to switch to a third-person side-perspective for debugging purposes.


    • Fixed Aim Offset to use new, matching animations.
    • Removed duplicate shadow from head-less mesh.
    • Removed need for separate, head-less mesh.
    • Adjusted default camera position to match new animations.
    • Adjusted default character speeds to be a bit slower to match most environments.
    • Adjusted default sprint acceleration curve to match animations better.


  8. Motion is now available through the Epic Games Launcher!

    This patch is only available and required for UE5 users.


    * Resolved outstanding issues with a few event nodes that would result in re-occurring compile errors after upgrading a project from UE4 to UE5.


  9. Motion


    Motion is now available through the Epic Games Launcher!

    It adds compatibility with Unreal Engine 5!


  10. Hey everyone!

    Back again with the latest news regarding Regensturm.

    — Unreal Engine 5 —

    As the full release of Unreal Engine 5 is coming up, we would like to share our policy on version support going forward.

    For the time being, we will continue to support all products for 4.26 & 4.27 until the second major release of UE5 (assumed to be UE5.2).

    We understand that some don't want, or wish, to upgrade their projects to UE5 immediately upon release. That's why we'll still provide support and updates for Unreal Engine 4 after the release of UE5.

    After the release of UE5.2 (or equivalent), we will discontinue the UE4 version of our products on the marketplace, but we will still provide support for existing customers until 6 months after its release. This also includes providing support to upgrade their project to Unreal Engine 5 to the best of our ability.

    Motion will be compatible with UE5 upon release.

    — Animate —

    We're getting closer to finalizing the development of Animate - a tool designed to animate any actor in your scene, for creating more dynamic environments and gameplay. As with previous projects, we test out our creations in "real-world scenarios" where we take what we've made, put it into a fresh project and create a sample scene / scenario / game.

    Whilst doing that for Animate we came to the conclusion that the current feature set of Animate, whilst working perfectly fine and time-saving as intended, lacks a feature set great enough that we would consider enough for you guys.

    That's why we will extend Animate with an adapter layer, meaning you can not only animate the Transform of an Actor, but animate virtually any property of any actor (e.g. brightness of a light source or the volume of a sound).

    In order to extend Animate, we will need additional time to revise Animate's architecture, its documentation and create more example content that will ship with Animate.

    We thank everyone for their patience and can't wait to see what you guys create with Motion and Animate. We'd love to see any progress you've made in our discord server! (

    If you'd like to support us in our endeavour to create the best possible infrastructure for your games, please leave a review for Motion on the marketplace. It will only take a minute, but it will make a huge difference for us. (