New Feature

> **IMPORTANT**: We **strongly recommend making a backup of your project** and / or creating a seperate branch in your VCS to test or use Motion in existing projects.

> A patch to upgrade existing projects, that can preserve changes made to files shipped with Motion, is **not available**.


* Added **True First Person** to Motion which is enabled and set up by default.

> A highly requested feature is now available in Motion! The previous default, where you could only see arms, and their animations, are still available in Motion.

* Added new animations for side-crouch-walking, side-walking and side-sprinting.

> As with all animations that ship with Motion, these are for development purposes only and we strongly recommend exchanging them for more suitable animations, based on your project needs.

> Note: Motion does **not** use the movement of the mesh head in animations. If you would like to use the movement of the animation, please check our [documentation]( on how to enable it.

* Added head-less mannequin model and added support for head-less characters with an additional character model used in shadows and reflections that use the full character model, including the head.

* Added "BP_TrueFirstPersonComponent" which currently only serves as identifier for camera location offsets, but can be used for TFP related code.

* Added support for Camera _Location_ Offsets.

> As we changed the way the camera works under Motion, we added support for Camera Location Offsets so components like the "Crouching Component" can move the camera up and down as required.

> This is needed as the camera and mesh are separately controlled now.

* Added automated adjustment of camera location based on the camera's angle to prevent the player clipping into the body mesh when looking down.

> This can be configured in the "BP_MotionCharacter" blueprint using the new variables ```MinimumCameraAdjustmentAngleForHeadMovement``` and ```MaximumCameraAdjustmentAngleForHeadMovement```.

* Added Aim Offset animations that move the character's head when the mouse moves left or right and up or down.


* Cleaned up documentation and re-structured navigation bar.

* Cleaned up folder structure for animations.